puerto varas, chile

A unique natural setting along the LLanquihue Lake, in full view of three majestic beasts: Volcán Osorno, Volcán Calbuco and Volcán Puntiagudo.

Between these volcanoes is the breathtaking Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, which protects the body of the lake Todos los Santos, giving rise to the Petrohué River.

Endless adventures await you …

Petrohué Waterfalls and Lake Todos los Santos
Petrohue Falls, experiences in Ensenada

Within the territory of the Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosalesyou will find these fantastic waterfalls of the Petrohué River.
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About 6 kms further on is Todos los Santos Lake, where you can embark on a boat or catamaran for a rich ride with wonderful views from a different perspective.

Beach and Laguna Verde
Ensenada beach, Casa Gioia lodging and experiences

You can park your vehicle at km 42 of Route 225 to visit the new Plaza de Ensenada and then cross to the beach (the access is adjacent to Camping El Trauco).

If you’d like to stop for lunch, we recommend Restaurant El Toqui km 42.2.

Two kilometers further on is the Laguna Verde, where you can walk a beautiful self-guided trail and surely see a curious fox. Souvenir shop and restrooms.

Parque Hueñu Hueñu
Petrohue Falls, experiences in Ensenada

Enjoy trails with access to the river, cafeteria-pizzeria, pump-track, bike rental, games and more! Fun for all ages.

Parque Hueñu Hueñu is located
on ruta V-69, 6km from Ensenada.


Osorno Volcano

Osorno Volcano is parrt of theParque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales, and its height is 2650 meters. A complete panoramic view of Lake Llanquihue and part of the Andes is possible on a sunny day.

Located just 6km from Ensenada, the vehicle reaches an altitude of 1,200 meters on a paved road where there is a Ski and Mountain Center, Cafeteria service and different activities for all ages.


Canopy Chile

Jump from tree to tree! Through cables you will fly through the forest! (children as of 5 yrs).

Located a few kilometers from Ensenada, on the way to Cascadas.


Aremko Hot tubs
Petrohue Falls, experiences in Ensenada

Hot tubs, massages and spa just half an hour from Ensenada. Enjoy the sound of nature next to the river from your hot tub.


Tour the area

the basin, cochamó, ralún …

Full day trips that you can do independently.

Guided adventures

rafting, hiking, biking…

Enjoy the wonders of nature venturing into a great adventure. Local businesses offer outings for all ages.

Guided adventures

rafting, hiking, biking…

Enjoy the wonders of nature venturing into a great adventure. Local businesses offer outings for all ages.

Where to eat

for every taste

Fast food, homemade and luxury restaurants.

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Guided adventures


Ruta 225 km 39,5
Cruce Navarro km2
Ensenada, Puerto Varas, Chile


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