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Full day trips that you can do independently.

Osorno Volcano, Casa Gioia

From this valley you can make multiple trails that lead to spectacular peaks, waterfalls, lagoons and forests. Ideal destination for climbers.

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Villa Peulla
Osorno Volcano, Casa Gioia
Peulla is a small lake port along the east coast of Lake Todos los Santos, very close to the border with Argentina. To get there you must get to Puerto Petrohué, from where you can take a catamaran to sail for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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In Peulla there are restaurant services, walks and hikes such as the path to the Velo de Novia waterfall, which is very easy to access.

The Basin
Osorno Volcano, Casa Gioia

Explore the Lake Llanquihue basin: start with a walk through Puerto Varas and visit the Pablo Fierro Museum of Art and Antiquities.

Following the Lake Road you will arrive at Frutillar to visit the Lake Theater and the German Colonial Museum.

Also visit Puerto Octay, the first port of departure for agricultural products to Osorno. Get to know the Parish of San Agustín from 1896. It will surprise you with one of the most spectacular wooden interiors in southern Chile.

Termas del Sol, Puelo
Osorno Volcano, Casa Gioia
Las Termas del Sol is about 55 miles away (1.45h), which has 10 natural thermal pools, and 1000 feet of walkways in a unique environment.


Antonio Felmer Museum
Osorno Volcano, Casa Gioia
Housed in an old barn of German colonial architecture, you’ll find three fantastic floors of galleries that span decades of German colonization history, including their tools, toys and inventions.

A guided tour that will make this an educational, entertaining and enriching experience. ¡A can´t miss! For all ages.


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Enjoy the wonders of nature venturing into a great adventure. Local businesses offer outings for all ages.

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for every taste

Fast food, homemade and luxury restaurants.

Where to eat

for every taste

Fast food, homemade and luxury restaurants.

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ensenada, puerto varas, chile

Outings that you can do independently, in your own vehicle or hiring a local uber.

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Guided adventures


Ruta 225 km 39,5
Cruce Navarro km2
Ensenada, Puerto Varas, Chile


cara del indio, futaleufu
BochincheX Futaleufú
BochincheX Futaleufú
River Tribe, Italia
Lao Rafting Italia