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To fully enjoy this vacation, we offer experiences designed with the necessary precautions to avoid contagion. Live the experience of Patagonia in Ensenada.


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A unique natural setting along the LLanquihue Lake, in full view of three majestic beasts: Volcán Osorno, Volcán Calbuco and Volcán Puntiagudo.

Between these volcanoes is the breathtaking Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park, which protects the body of the lake Todos los Santos, giving rise to the Petrohué River.

2-3 hours


living nature

An expert guide will lead you into the natural and cultural landscape. Birds, trees, native fruits, mushrooms, volcanic eruptions, cultural heritage…

Arts & Crafts

Hands-on workshops led by local artistans: traditional weaving, knitting, mosaic, dreamcatchers. Take home your own self-made souvenier! Take home your own self-made souvenier!

Cooking / Baking

Local recipes and ancient kitchen tricks: learn how to make the most delicious Kuchen or jam with locally picked fruits, or you may try your hand at making ceviche, asados or cazuela.

2-3 hours


Includes transfer, refreshment, access and rentals where required.

Tour of Ensenada

We’ll drive you to the beach, then to Ensenada’s brand new plaza, and to a self-guided path at Laguna Verde, where you’ll be sure to spot a curious fox!

River walking

We’ll take you on a fun walk from one bank to the other, back and forth, once and again, as we explore a very particular landscape where you’ll find evidence of past volcanic eruptions.

Petrohué Waterfalls and Lake Todos los Santos

You will be surprised by these fantastic waterfalls of the Petrohué River. We’ll then take you to Todos los Santos Lake where we’ll embark on a really fun trip and enjoy wonderful views from a different perspective.

SUP or Kayak in the lake

We’ll take you to the beach and prepare you for a trip on a single or double kayak, or a SUP or junior SUP. Enjoy the calm waters of Lake Llanquihue. Children from 12 years old.

4-5 hours

adventure & dinner

Includes guide, transfer, access, rentals where necessary and traditional barbecue or disc dinner according to the group’s preference.

Class III Rafting

Enjoy the impressive scenery from the raft as you face class III and IV rapids on the Petrohué River. From 10 years old, no previous experience is required.

Hike El Solitario

Explore the Osorno volcano on this half-day guided hike along the El Solitario trail in Vicente Rosales National Park. At the end of the trail we’ll visit the Petrohué Falls.

Hike, bike, pump-track

Children will go wild on the “pump-track” while adults can relax in the adjacent café by the fire, or take a walking or cycling trail through the beautiful native forest along the Petrohué River.

Kayak La Poza

Half-day stroll in a lagoon or hidden beach within the calm waters of Lake Llanquihue for a relaxed two-hour paddle. You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings with gorgeous views of the Calbuco volcano. The perfect activity for the whole family and for those who want to discover kayaking. Traditional patagonian dinner.

Red Crater and Canopy

We’ll enter the Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park for a walk through the snow to the Red Crater of the Osorno Volcano. Once inside the crater, we’ll take a glimpse at the past of the earth. Then we’ll go to the Canopy and jump from tree to tree on cables and fly through the forest! (children as of 5 yrs). Traditional patagonian dinner.

over 5 hours

full-day adventures

Includes lunch, guide, transfer, access and rentals where required.

Animal shelter, hike, museum

Visit the pumas, pudú and huiña at the Animal Shelter and go on a guided hike to learn about the local flora and fauna. Afterwards we’ll take you to the fascinating museum that covers decades of German colonization history, including tools, toys and inventions.

Hike Paso Desolación

This hike begins with a 40-minute ascent to the valley between the volcano and Cerro La Picada, where we’ll enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the basin and the volcanoes adjacent to Todos los Santos Lake. The trail descends to the lake and ends in the Petrohué sector.

Sea Kayak

Led by professional guides, we’ll kayak from the Petrohué River to the first fjord of Chilean Patagonia (4-5h). Enjoy a delicious lunch cooked in a typical southern cottage and chat with the locals. We’ll continue paddling south along the fjord towards the Yates volcano and the well-known fishing village of Cochamó.

Puerto Varas, Frutillar, Puerto Octay

We’ll start with a walk through Puerto Varas and visit the Pablo Fierro Museum of Art and Antiquities. Following the Lake Road we’ll arrive in Frutillar to learn about its history, its art, the theater Teatro del Lago and the German Colonial Museum. We’ll also visit Puerto Octay, the first port of departure for agricultural products to Osorno. We’ll return to Casa Gioia for an exquisite regional dinner. This tour can be modified to suit your preference.

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Parque Valle Los Ulmos

Parque Valle Los Ulmos Private Conservation Park: explore a unique ecosystem where you can observe the fantastic expressions of nature while adapting to the volcanic eruptions.


Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

It has 4 Recreational trails, the Carilemu Interpretive Trail, several Hiking Trails, ascension to the Osorno Volcano with trails and 2 stretches of chair lifts reaching 1700 meters.

DISTANCE – 10kms


From this valley you can make multiple trekking trails that lead to summits, waterfalls, lagoons and forests of great attraction.

DISTANCE – 48kms

Bird Watching

Choose from a wide range of birding and nature trips, trekking, photography tours and family adventures with a wildlife and naturalist orientation.

Fly Fishing

Friend of the house and superb guide, Mauricio will take you on a full-day fly-fishing trip in the Maullín or Petrohué rivers.

Catch & release fishing, permits provided.
Call +56 9 7397 1496

Antonio Felmer Museum

Housed in an old barn of German colonial architecture, you’ll find three fantastic floors of galleries that span decades of German colonization history, including their tools, toys and inventions.

DISTANCE – 55kms

Casa Gioia


Ruta 225 km 39,5
Cruce Navarro km2
Ensenada, Puerto Varas, Chile



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