daily menu & snacks

patagonia, chile

at lunch time

daily menu & snacks

12 – 2:30PM



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Camarones salteados

Camarones salteados y aderezados con ajo, hierbas frescas, limón y vino blanco con tostadas. Entrante ó picoteo para 2 personas.

Salmón y palta

Copa de salmón ahumado de producción local con puré de palta y alcaparras. Entrante ó picoteo para 2 personas.


Pizza pintada con salsa de tomate, queso, cebolla y zapallito italiano. Elección de champiñon, jamón ó camarones.

Today’s menu
Total: 14.45

Every day we present the chef's selection for a southern style lunch. Choose between 2 starter options, 2 main course options (always with a vegetarian option) and a drink of choice: 1 soft drink or glass of wine.

Surf & Turf
Total: 13.6

Sautéed mushrooms, chives, shrimp and chicken cooked in white wine with garlic and merkén.

La Consentida
Total: 8.5

Mix of rustic baked potatoes accompanied by golf sauce and mayonnaise.

Gioia wrap
Total: 10.2

Mix of leaves with slices of smoked salmon, avocado, cherry tomatoes and Caesar dressing in a corn tortilla.

Sandwich el Acampao
Total: 11.05

Shredded meat au gratin with country cheese, lettuce, caramelised onion, bacon and fried egg on homemade bread.

Newentun Burger
Total: 11.05

Homemade burger gratin with country cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauerkraut and homemade pickles.

8:30AM – 10PM


Tea or infusion
Total: 2.04

Cup of tea or infusion

Total: 2.55

Cup of coffee

Soft drink
Total: 2.55
Lemonade with mint
Total: 3.4
Natural juice
Total: 4.25

Glass of natural seasonal juice.

Slice of cake
Total: 3.4

Slice of today`s cake

Slice of kuchen
Total: 4.25

Slice of today's kuchen

Bread basket
Total: 5.1

Bread basket with butter and homemade jam.


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