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ensenada, a natural gem

Ensenada is a beautiful natural setting along the LLanquihue Lake, in full view of three majestic beasts: Volcán Osorno, Volcán Calbuco and Volcán Puntiagudo. And between them is the breathtaking Parque Nacional Vicente Pérez Rosales. The Park protects the body of the lake Todos los Santos, giving rise to the Petrohué River, which continues to flow through the Petrohue Waterfalls just a short distance downstream.

· hike & climb ·

Parque Valle Los Ulmos

Private Conservation Park: explore a unique ecosystem where you can observe the fantastic expressions of nature while adapting to the volcanic eruptions.


Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

It has 4 Recreational trails, the Carilemu Interpretive Trail, several Hiking Trails, ascension to the Osorno Volcano with trails and 2 stretches of chair lifts reaching 1700 meters.

DISTANCE – 10kms


From this valley you can make multiple trekking trails that lead to summits, waterfalls, lagoons and forests of great attraction.

DISTANCE – 48kms

· adrenaline adventures ·

Canopy Las Cascadas

Hop from tree to tree through cables and fly through the forest for some heart pounding fun!

DISTANCE – 15kms

White water rafting

Face the white waters of the Petrohué River on a raft! Big volume class III – IV rapids across 13km of white waters.


Reloncavi Sea Kayak

The sea kayaking journey begins at the mouth of the Petrohué river. The Valley opens making way to the first fjord in southern Chile, Reloncaví – where fresh water meets salt.

· nature observancy ·

Bird Watching

Choose from a wide range of birding and nature trips, trekking, photography tours and family adventures with a wildlife and naturalist orientation.

Senda Nativa Romahue Conservation Park

Visit the pumas, pudú and huiña at the Animal Refuge. Go hiking, boating, fly fishing, birdwatching, and much more!


Boat Trips

Take a boat trip with friends and family. Enjoy a delicious picnic with spectacular views.

· fly-fishing trips ·

Fly Fishing, Maullin River

Ideal spot for the catch & release fishing of resident Trucha Fario and the migratory Sea Run Brown (better known as Monsters of the Maullín), which can weigh up to 7 or 8 kilos.

Catch & release fishing, permits provided.

Fly Fishing, Petrohué River

Take a boat trip on the Petrohué river and go wade fishing / trolling for Rainbow, Steelhead, Brown, Sea-run and, sometimes, Coho, Chinook and Atlantic Salmon.

Catch & release fishing, permits provided.

· family outings ·

Lago Todos los Santos

Sail the lake and enjoy the majesty of the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes.

You can also visit Villa Peulla, a small town of 120 inhabitants that is part of the famous Andean Crossing tourist circuit.

DISTANCE – 17kms

Parque Hueñu Hueñu

Pump track for children, cafeteria, climbing wall, walking / biking trails. Bike rental.


Antonio Felmer Museum

Housed in an old barn of German colonial architecture, you’ll find three fantastic floors of galleries that span decades of German colonization history, including their tools, toys and inventions.

DISTANCE – 55kms

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